Life appears to be all about vision. If we cannot bring ourselves to envision a future that feels comfortable and nurturing to our bodies and our hearts, than we are likely to live our lives in a state of claustrophobic being wherein every stimuli we experience in the world around us feels intrusive, limiting, and as if it is posing a challenge to our existence.

But what is life, if not a serious of challenging situations that we are invited to navigate with the utmost complexity contained within our own sense of being? How is it to be human, if not to be consistently bombarded with sensory information that is at once fascinating, overwhelming, chaotic, and unbalanced – when compared to whatever type of world we envision our life to exist within.

Leading scientists in the fields of neurobiology, human genetics, and human consciousness and energetics have documented exciting breakthroughs in the studies of human potential.  Bruce Lipton’s “Biology of Belief” explores the capacity of the human consciousness to impact the replication and transmutation of DNA characteristics in the body.

Caroline Myss’ “The Anatomy of Spirit” peers into the connections between human spiritual and emotional health, and the ways in which illness manifests in the body when our internal world is out of balance. In “The Mindful Brain,” Dan Siegel – world renowned neurobiologist – introduces a non-secular view of mindfulness practice as a key aspect of happiness in life and success in life’s endeavors.

And to top it all off, radical astrophysicist pioneer and conscious evolutionary, Nassim Haramein, is developing a new frontier of cosmic consciousness and a deeper understanding of the structure of the space-time universe. His theories posit that the vacuum of the cosmos has a sacred geometrical structure – the 64-star tetrahedron, and that essentially the universe is a composite of a multitude of singularity vortices (i.e. miniature to massive black-holes), each of which have a replicatory foundational structure of a vacuum in space.

64-Star Tetrahedron 3-D model, and imagining the 2-D projection as the Sacred Geometry “Flower of Life” The 2-D projection is based on the assumption that each point of the star within the 64-tetrahedron is not a finite point, but a spherical field of energy radiating outward with a radius equal to the length of each leg of the pyramid at the tip of the star.

The common theme running throughout each of these pioneering evolutionists, is a belief that the human consciousness is a creative force in the universe, in our bodies, and throughout the events of our life. Contrary to the mainstream belief that we are essentially a product of our environment and external conditions, which remain static and are only influenced by outside events – each of these revolutionary theories posits that, while it is true that we are influenced by outside events that are often shaped by forces outside of our control, that we also contain within our spiritual connection to life, and the creative radiance of our genetic and memetic heritage, a powerful capacity to influence and shape the events of our lives, transform our bodies and minds, and ultimately manifest in a direct sense, the lives that we choose to live for our optimal thriving experience.

What intrigues me most about this nexus of life, science, and spirituality – is just that. It is a pathway of human consciousness that is developing and crystallizing into a consistent and demonstrable school of thought and firm science, which merges aspects of spirituality, mundane life, and deep science together in a common theory of being that connects our lives as humans, the complexities of our ecosystems on Earth, and the deep mysteries of our cosmic spacious infinite void that extends beyond our wildest imaginations in deep-space.

So it appears that for those willing to explore deeper thought-patterns, and remain inquisitive in nature such that all fundamental “realizations” that one believes that they “know” about how the world works, and what their place in it means, are always open for debate and redefinition as new information reveals itself – that the profound nature of being that is aggrandized and edified in all the high religions of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, and others – appears to be revealing itself within a hybrid scientific-spiritual structure of thought in the modern age.

As Arthur C. Clarke put it best:

“Magic is simply science that we don’t understand yet.”

And so I return to the concept of Vision – that fleeting sensation in the mind’s eye, often connected to the sensations of longing and desire within the center of the Heart. The yearning for a different, more satisfying, more rewarding, more comfortable and nurturing life, is a fundamental ingredient to making it so. Without vision, there is no capacity to imagine transformative potential of the self, and the other. And without an imagination capable of dreaming that things can change, one is bound to be entrapped by the stale has-been dogmatic structures of thought which have limited our species for millenia, and are the root cause of tragic themes in history repeating themselves time and again.

That being said, Vision alone is not a means to and end, nor is it a destination. It is simply a vehicle with which we create motion in life. Vision must be coupled with motivated action, persistent determination, and a fascination to discover and explore new aspects of life, the world, and our inner-being. Even that combination is simply what moves us from one state-of-being to another, and when that vehicle arrives at the new phase of life, still we must dig deeper to cultivate the energy reserves to step out of the vehicle of imagination and vision, and with openness and generosity explore the newness of the transformed state of life, allowing all the preconceived notions from another time and space to drop away, revealing the nakedness of the moment in which we stand.

And then, we must walk away and abandon that prior vehicle of Vision altogether, because once it gets us where we’re going, its purpose is complete, and hanging on to an old vision, endeavoring to make it more and more perfect with every fine tuned skill and capacity we can muster, is just a tricky aspect of our ego, locking us in once-again to a constricted world of suffering in which we choose to stay put and judge the world as an external menace to our inability to find peace, rather than continuing our trek through life, with the shirt on our back, and the change in our pocket, and a deep reservoir of trust that Life Herself is walking at our sides, and will nurture our human needs as they arise.

Lastly, it is critical to keep a wary eye on the aspect of Vision that is so quick to romanticize the destination, as if once we arrive, we are finished with the travails of a challenging life, and we can finally relax and be comfortably numb for the rest of our days, having attained bliss – of course from that vantage point there is no need to do anything more. But this view is shortsighted, misinformed, and woefully inadequate to integrate the great changes life has in store for our species and our Souls.

A quote by a great Tibetan Buddhist master, Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche says it best:

“The bad news is you’re falling through the air, nothing to hang on to, no parachute. The good news is there’s no ground.”

So the journey never reaches some end point of comfort, where the suffering of life finds a cessation, and gives way to a boundless joy of being free from suffering. Quite contrary, the value of Vision along the path, is to cultivate a resilient creativity with which you carry each moment lightly, with a dash of humor, so that in the most trying circumstances, such as a lost love, a dying parent, or a terminal diagnosis – one can look within, and connect the Vision of the past which led to the experience of the present, and cultivate an even deeper Vision of the future toward which our Soul is destined.

And from that place a solace of being emerges in which it becomes less and less important to know whether or not you’ll still have a body for the next phase of the Journey. In many regards, the entire lineage of all the high religions of humanity are preparing our bodies, minds, spirits, souls, and relationships for one very final destination – Death.

Judaism teaches a narrow path of kosher living and right relationship to God which will qualify one to be among the chosen to spend eternity with God in the afterlife. Christianity teaches to opens one’s heart to Christ and ask forgiveness, such that no matter what wrongs were committed in life, that the Soul, in death, will be saved and transmuted to eternal life alongside God in the afterlife. Islam teaches a way of compassion and peace in the vein of the Prophet, so that when the body lays down for its final rest, the soul and spirit will reunite with Allah, the greatest and most generous God of the heavens. Buddhism teaches to be at one with the realities of being, the nature of suffering, the origin of suffering, the path of true stillness of the mind which is true openness to the heart of the Buddha, and ultimately the Goal with is awakening to the highest attainment of Being available to humanity. Similarly, Hinduism teaches to be one with the Dharma to avoid creating new Karma, and ultimately to free oneself into a state of Moksha – enlightenment. Taoism shares similarities with both Buddhism and Hinduism, in that it is essentially about acceptance of the reality of being, and choosing to be one with the natural flows of energy in the universe, which requires a state of stillness and mindfulness in the way of being.

While each of these religious traditions has merit in and of itself, and all are differentiated in important and sacred ways, they are all essentially teaching a way of being in life, such that the experience of death is most profound, illuminating, and peaceful.

So Vision, in my view, is the key that opens the gateway to whichever path of spiritual seeking you may desire – even if that is none at all. Atheism is a sacred practice in and of itself as well – the belief that only what we touch, see, feel, and contact has any bearing on reality, and that in death we simply return as decomposed dust to the Earth, is a special and meaningful relationship to Earth.

So be with Vision, and see where it takes you to explore. Be willing to not just admire the beauty of the Vision from the outside, but take a risk and climb inside. Warm up the drivers seat and turn on the ignition of the vehicle of your Vision. Allow the Vision to take you on a journey away from wherever you find yourself now – not necessarily to abandon or leave anything behind, but rather to explore the fullness of your Being such that a complete and holistic sense of self capacities can assist you in whichever phase of the journey of life you find yourself upon.

And when you arrive at a new juncture, when the Vision succeeds in “beaming you up” to a new vantage point toward the world, be willing to walk away and leave it behind forever. For a newer, more grounded, more well attuned Vision is waiting just around the bend, to take you on the next adventure.

Trust that the path that Vision unfolds for you, is literally transforming the world around you, the people you meet, the way in which you are greeted, the feelings you hold in your heart when you awake each morning, and the thoughts and intentions that fill your mind’s eye each day. We are creating the lives we lead with every intention, thought, word, and action we entertain. Let’s also cultivate a Vision worthy of this powerful act of creation, such that there is a visage of guidance to our humanness as we stumble somewhat aimlessly through life. Let Vision be the lantern that lights the way.

Be bold in your exploration of life, and allow creativity, imagination, and vision to flourish and nurture your heart and soul when feeling down and out about a situation – or frustrated about a lack of movement in life.

Remember that we’re all simply co-existing on a groundless plane of consciousness, that happens to be inhabiting a dense and colorful rock hurtling through a void of space at a speed of hundreds of thousands of miles per hour – and yet we experience it as if [Earth] were a a stand-still as the end-all-be-all omnipresence of everything that there is.

Well, it’s not.

If you ever feel like Earth’s all there is, just Google “Hubble Images,” or watch videos from the many rovers and probes our scientists have launched into space, and marvel at the mystery and vastness of the space between worlds.

Remember that the space between each atom’s nucleus, protons, and electrons are infinitely greater that the volume and mass of the matter contained within each – so really, we and the Cosmos are united and one in the same.

We are really just massive bodies of spaciousness, containing within our selves a composite framework of infinitely small and powerful singularities that are warping space-time around our sense of self and our sense of being. And somehow our brains are making sense of all of this sensory stimuli that we are confronted with in life every day.

It’s magical. Every single bit of it is magical. Don’t forget that. And if you do forget it, forgive yourself immediately, then remember that it’s magical that you’re able to forget, remember, and forgive. And if you can muster all of that, and still have an ounce of energy and motivation to spare, sit in stillness and silence for 5 or 10 minutes, and let life ponder this mystery your call “Me, Myself, and I.

It’s a beautiful thing to witness life exploring one’s own sense of self.

Most of all, because when we’re sitting in the back seat with life by our side, watching all our thoughts and memories, and dreams float by – you can’t help but wonder – “who the hell is driving this thing, anyway?”

If you haven’t tried believing something crazy before, this this one a whirl.

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