Trigger-warning: Let’s just say, things are getting Cray. And I’m not feeling like toning it down to be “politically correct” to discuss my opinions here.

Misinformation, disinformation, fake news, mainstream media corporate corruption, political partisanship blinding ethics, surveillance state analytics, secret police, international cabals of ultra-powerful oligarchs defining current events, geopolitical turmoil, economic futures at risk, and humanitarian crises and salvation hanging in the balance…

What the fuck is going on anymore? The question I keep coming back to is this…

Are things getting more and more strange and twisted, or is the veil just peeling back revealing more and more of how things have been beneath the surface for hundreds, if not thousands of years?

The illusion of “a time of greatness” in the past is so god damn seductive. But “Make America Great Again” (#MAGA) is not a salute to that illusion, nor is it an answer to the current woes we face as a human species. The greatness of the past, if it ever existed, was a time when our human species lived in more harmonious balance with the web of life. It was not when women knew their place, when white men were superior to all, and and when military might was always right, never questioned, and glorified regardless of the massacres, bloodshed, and destruction left in its wake.

Yet here we are, welcoming home 2017 – which appears to the be the year the curtain gets pulled back, and the man behind it gets caught with his pants down, balls deep in a dumpster-fire disaster. The year the biggest Banana of all Republics shows its gooey rotten guts. The year of the Fire Rooster in Chinese Astrology – or the “Fire Cock” in ‘Murican pussy-grabbing #MAGA lingo.

So hang on to your centered essence of Being, be exactly who you are, do exactly what you came here to do, no more no less. The chaotic space of constant delusions, mirages, illusions, and falsities at play in the current time are overwhelming for even the most sage and centered among us. It’s not a year to play with fire, literally, figuratively, metaphysically, or metaphorically.

This is a year to be rooted down, grounded to your own sense of being, your purpose, your place, your promise of fulfillment of the mission of your soul. If you are left grasping at straws when faced with the idea of being grounded in your purpose, then simply ground in the simple mantra of the generous, humble question:

“Who am I dear Divine? Whatever have you sent me here to fulfill in this life? How may I wake up and see myself clearly? Which moments should I speak, act, and be still? Please help me. Please show me the way. Please guide my every step as I pass through the treachery of illusion and despair that is the suffering of the birthing pangs of a new world that is slowly, painfully coming to bear.”

And if you have no idea what you’re doing, just pretend that you do. Ask yourself how it would be, if you knew what to do. What would you be doing, thinking, and feeling, if you knew how to be? The body knows the way, you just have to ask.

So what the fuck does this pontificatory blasphemy even mean?

I have no idea, but it’s in my heart, and it wants to jump onto the page, and who am I to say no?

So instead, an allegory.

I love to dance. I go to music festivals and raves, and I have an absolutely magical experience, every time. But I don’t go there to let go of it all, to lose myself, and to drink and get fucked up and indulge in the crazy boundless space of egomaniacal glory that is all too often the craze that fuels these events. Nope. It sounds really, really silly, but I go to pray. I go to be in my body, to be moved by the inspiration of living, breathing, artful soundscapes that catapult my being into an inter-dimensional liminal way of being. Festivals, raves, and dance parties, for me, are a shit ton of work – on the spiritual level. I am cleaning, clearing, and grounding frenetic energies being stirred up by the music, the substances, the party-goers, and the unseen entities that jump into these situations to dance a human experience.

Basically, I’m wizarding my way through a chaotic node of human existence, while keeping a watchful eye for people who may need loving support, water, or some help staying safe. I am begging forgiveness for my fellow party-goers whom are lost, livid, lusting, or lulled into numb surrender (a.k.a. “down for whatever”) by drugs, booze, or depression at their place in life, or perhaps just a complete nihilistic no-fucks-left-to-give mentality about life. And so I pray.

I’m not religious, but deeply spiritual, so I don’t “pray to God” so to speak – well, maybe I do sometimes, but usually in Portuguese, but that’s a long story for another time. I invoke Christ Consciousness, I invoke the Divine Feminine grace of Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Egyptian Goddesses Isis &Sekhmet, and hindu Goddess Shakti. I honor Mitakuye Oyasin, the Great Spirit of the land and protector of Turtle Island. I invoke the medicine of Ho’oponopono, the Hawaiian tradition that makes the right more right while erasing erroneous beliefs, and brings healing to all beings by opening to the healing within our own hearts. I give thanks for my life, for all life, and for all my relations. I drop cedar and sage and sacred water and Agua Sacral, I burn copal and clasp sacred crystals in my hands, pressing them into trees, and imprinting into the Earth the medicine of Lapis Lazuli, Labradorite, Lemurian Quartz, Citrine Lightbraries, Rainbow Flourite, and double terminated Tibetan Quartz. I don’t really know why I do these crazy things, it’s just part of what I’m here to do, so I listen, follow guidance, and amazing experiences unfold themselves and reveal a deeper reality to me.

Meanwhile, the Hyberbolocracy is gaining steam. The absolutely blasphemous disrespect of all things orderly, civil, collegial, and having to do with civic duty is in shambled flames being consumed by darkness. I’m not one to say “darkness is bad” per se – but being consumed by darkness is usually not a positive place to be in, and that’s where it feels that we find our selves from a national/global identity perspective at this very moment.

The heads of the three major secret police agencies of the United States of America have visited the gilded halls of Trump Tower to deliver a highly sensitive Top Secret briefing to our incoming infantile manchild narcissistic megalomaniac sociopath President-Elect, Comrade Donald J. Trump. The heads of the main secret policy agencies of our arch-Rival (but soon to be best friend?!) over in the Grizzly Steppes of Russia are popping corks of champagne and toasting to our naivete and demise. And our incoming President-elect is calling everybody stupid that is suspicious of Russia’s intentions. Sounds like somebody owes or owns millions of dollars of wealth, or both, and just wants to make things nice so that a big deal gets signed.

After weeks of DJT tweet-storms of gobbledegook nonsensical rants undermining the integrity of the United States secret intelligence apparatus, electoral democracy, and the intelligence of the average US citizen, the boy-King summoned the heads of these secretive agencies to play their cards, or rather, place them within his silver chalice to be reflected in his “very smart” crystal ball brain, that he may gaslight them into flames and play us all for fools.

Immediately following the briefing, he tweet-claims that there is absolutely, without a doubt, no possible link between Russia and the outcome of the election – because there is no smoking gun that specific electronic voting machines, or vote counting machines were hacked – thus he simultaneously double-speaks 1984 into existence by denying the truth that is in plain sight, while memetically encoding these falsities into the mass mind as a Presidential declaration, as if he is qualified to interpret security briefings he is choosing to forgo 85% of the time – because, well, he is a “smart” man.

Meanwhile, the consensus of the entire US intelligence apparatus – to varying levels of certainty albeit – is that Russia absolutely intentionally worked to undermine the electoral process, sow seeds of doubt in the integrity of our elections, and cast aspersions onto the candidacy of HRC, the DNC, and liberal progressivism en masses. And oh-boy did it work.

Look, I have no fucking clue if the Russians hacked our election, or the DNC emails, or the Podesta files. It could have been a bunch of greedy teens in Macedonia whose main source of income is fake news ad-click revenue, or Morrocan teens blackmailing lonely Koreans by posing as willing school-girl skype-sex buddies. I don’t know, crazy shit is happening out there these days, and to be honest, it doesn’t really matter whether I care or not, or whether either of us understand what’s “really happening”.

But I know there were a lot of sinister forces at work to run the gamut of trickery, distraction, gaslighting, and misinformation to stir it up into a frenzy to ensure that even the most brilliant political scientists and constitutional attorneys could not be certain what to make of it all. When nobody can tell what is going on, what’s real, and what’s right, then the ground is ripe to be coup de eh-what-the-fucked, and to have the national interest usurped by greed, lust, power, and hegemony from outside (or Manchurian) actors.

And this, my friends, is the Hyperbolocracy. It’s similar to the Idiocracy, except instead of just being outright stupidly dangerous, it is insidiously exaggerating the most unbelievable notions that even what we see with our own eyes, and what we hear with our own ears, clearly did not happen in the way we remember, clearly does not mean what we have learned our entire lives those words in the english language mean, and is absolutely just a fabrication of a biased liberal media cherry picking talking points out of context to make our President-elect out to be a monster.  Won’t somebody just give this pussy-grabber a chance to prove that she likes it, because he’s a star and lets him do whatever he wants?

Oh, Trump lied about illegal voter fraud. Sunday show interviews with his minions clarify that the “legality” of the “allegation” is simply “hearsay” with “no basis” and the witnesses and accusers are “clearly deranged” and followers of the “liberal media.”

Oh, Trump failed to disclose massive conflicts of interest, bragged about being smart and dodging taxes, and included his children – VP of international development – and future CEOs of the Trump enterprises in meetings with heads of state of allies of our nation without consulting with the State department, or allowing the WH press pool to observe or provide a transcript of the discussion? Sunday show interviews with his minions clarify that the “conflicts” are just “perceptions” manufactured by the “liberal media” based on a clear “bias” against Trump’s millions of hard working followers, and anyone who says otherwise is “clearly deranged” or works for a “fake news” organization like the NYT, CNN, MSNBC, or the Post.

Oh, Trump bragged about “grabbing pussies,” well boys will be boys, this is America, grow a pair and get over it. I thought you were all about “women’s rights”, but when women want to be groped, all of a sudden you want to take their freedoms away?!

Oh, Trump goes on a victory tour and literally brags about fleecing the nation and especially his supporters by using tired ass talking points, meaningless emotionally charged cliche phrases, and fictional anecdotes to work them up into a frenzy. Then he says he didn’t really mean any of it. And not only does this get reported in a blase way, as if it’s no big deal, but it didn’t surprise anyone, because we all knew he was full of shit the whole time, and now he’s going to be the next President. So the Hyperbolocracy wins.

And so given the inability to have any sense of grounded truth and reality about what is happening right now, I choose to pray, hold fast to my center of the essence of my being, and do exactly what I came here to do, nothing more, nothing less.

Part of my path is to be a builder, so I’m going to keep building.

Part of my path is to be a revolutionary, so I’m going to continue refusing, resisting, and rallying eyes to spring wide open, and ears to shed the skin of filtered delusions, so that together we may awaken the eyes to see and the ears to hear.

Part of my path is to be an artist, a poet, and a writer, so I’m going to splurge all over the page and the airwaves until I figure out what the fuck I’m doing here – and I’m taking you along for the ride, unless you want to get up and leave, in which case I’ll walk you to your car, bike, bus, or front door and thank you for staying with me as long as you have.

Part of my path is to open minds and hearts to a way of reconciling differences, so I started this blog.

Part of my path is to create a new way of engaging in the political fray that rises above the age-old perceptions that all politics is corrupt, and all politicians are soul-less sell-outs craving fame and self-aggrandizement. The truth is that right now, that perception is largely accurate – not as a causal reality of the nature of politics, but because for generations now, the good people with good hearts and sharp minds, and humble souls have said “fuck it”, I won’t touch it with a ten foot pole.  God dammit, I won’t even vote, because why does it even matter – it’s all a set-up and the “Illuminati” has already chosen the winner anyway.

Well, I refuse to believe that garbage. I see the beauty in the creation of the United State Constitution, the perfect imperfections of 3/5 human compromise clauses that have been stricken through and replaced with equal protection clauses, the humility of a living document for white male land-owners only, originally, which has evolved to enfranchise women, people of color, and the poor so that all have Voting Rights, Civil Rights, and basic human rights, the splendor of a nation built on the merit of those who rise to the occasion, and for the purpose – on paper – of lifting up all that are part of this mosaic of humanity that we are.

Unfortunately, the struggle is real, and there’s an immense body of work yet to be done. What 2016 taught me, is that all the progress we thought we had made since the Jim Crow era, was more of a “nice dance” then a true shift. The Trump campaign was a permission slip for all the white supremacist, misogynist, homophobic roots to come out swingin’ in style, and feel supported by a candidate for the office of the POTUS.

But what can we expect, when the true story of our nation, which is a diatribe of suffering, genocide, slavery, brutality, military conquest and economic imperialism is lost in the milieu of the white-biased colonial history text books that edify mass murderers because they “discovered” land that had been inhabited and civilized since time immemorial. Why? Because the monarchs created the Doctrine of Discovery – or “finders keepers” in ‘Murica-lingo, wherein whichever “white nation” to first discover the “savage lands” claimed title and ownership and sovereignty over all of the said lands and Peoples that were “discovered.”

On top of that, we are in the post-truth, fact-free, Atkins realm of human psychology, where there exists a continued false debate about whether or not evolution is scientific fact, or whether human activity is contributing to global warming, and whether women are “stable” enough to make their own choices about their bodies and health care, and be in leadership posts in companies and countries around the world. Are you kidding me? With this as the status-quo, then of course sane, humble, pragmatic people lose interest in public service, and turn away from all things “governance” and retreat to their enclaves of hive mind mentality where all the people around them agree with them, or at minimum choose not to challenge them if there is a disagreement, in order to protect the harmony of a relationship, even if it is based on a lie.

However in truth, the cure for the Hyperbolocracy, the path to the return of sane governance, establishing humanity, and a trajectory that continues to arc toward Justice, is for you to get activated also. For you to also care more than the next person about what younger generations are learning about our history, and their place in our future. For you to  vote. For you to read books about non-fiction situations that occurred on Earth before you were born, or about visionary ideals related to human-potential and the awakening of the true essence within the human spirit.

The answer to the fucked up ungrounded chaotic energy of a rave festival, is to light copal resin incense, to find a sacred plot of land (hint: it’s all sacred), to sit on the Earth and give thanks, and to pray for forgiveness for all the unconscious energy in the field at that time.

Just the same, the answer to the anxiety ridden uncertainty about whether nuclear holocaust is on the horizon, about whether family members and friends will be deported or otherwise rounded up and ghettoized, or whether political dissidents will end up being jailed, tortured, or murdered – is to hold fast to the steady center of the essence of your humanity, to slow down, sit down on sacred land (hint: it’s all sacred), and to ask forgiveness on behalf of all of your ancestors, to ask forgiveness from all the lands, and the spirits, and the animals, and the elements for all the ways in which our way of life has lost touch and spun out of balance, and to humbly ask for assistance to get right with our relations.

From that place, serenity emerges in the face of the deepest bouts of despair, and a wind of life breathes into the heart, and a sense of purpose, place, and being fills this human vessel, and provides the life force and grounding needed to take the next step – even if just a tiny, little, baby step, one millimeter closer to the blanket we want to bury our head beneath and have somebody just wake us when it’s all over.

As long as you hold fast to the center, and take each step with mindful grace, the fact that there is no time “when it’s all over” to rest waiting for, and that this moment right now is where it all begins and ends at all times.

So let’s raise our glasses to 2017, and toast the year of the Fire Cock for all it’s dawn of glory. It’s fucking cray out there. Don’t forget who you are, and what you came here to do.


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