Threads of Discovery

This post is a list of the topics that I hope to explore through this forum, and that I hope will inspire you to post a comment, or submit a post of your own to further the discussion and strengthen the seam.

  1. Human rights and national security: What is the appropriate function of the military in the tech-nuclear age, and how can we balance the destructive force with the preciousness of life.
  2. Politics and people: Are our beliefs about abortion, taxes, trade, foreign policy, marriage, military, and historical context more important that our common human bond? How can we make room for multiple perspectives and not lose sight of the most vulnerable amongst us?
  3. Leadership in a globalized world: Where are the examples of functional leadership at every level, and how does good leadership change within the context of the culture in which it resides? How can we broaden our framework of cultural acceptance so that our own moral compasses in the applications of leadership do not project righteousness or unnecessary taboo onto other cultures that we do not fully understand?
  4. Unfucking the McWorld: There’s been a lot of damage done in the television age. How can we take the airwaves back and rebroadcast a new frequency of the American Dream, a new doctrine of the awakened west, and a more fundamentally good notion of what it means to be powerful in the world – at an individual, national, and global level?
  5. Pro-Life, All Lives Matter, and Family First: The cliches of separation that betray their own definitions. Where are the pathways for deeper understanding between these volatile conflicting ideas of abortion, racism, justice, and family values. Can Pro-Life support all life? Can All Lives Matter accept the nuances of racial disparity and systemic racism and oppression that are disproportionately impacting communities of color and the economically disadvantaged? Can Family First religious values honor all families of all ethnicities and all religions, and act with compassion in lieu of judgment when “other” values are encountered?
  6. Sexuality & Gender: What’s so strange about who people love, how they like to be touched and by whom, what they like to be called, and what style they choose to adorn their bodies? Where is the base of fear in homophobia and how can we soften the reactivity and amplify the humanity at the heart of the situation in which human beings are being discriminated, targeted, attacked, and even murdered because of these aspects of their fundamental character and being?
  7. Religion, spirituality, and loving kindness: Is there a sacred atheism? Are any religions actually based in loving kindness? Can a God worth believing in love people that love other Gods too?
  8. Trumps America: Oh God, make it stop. Why are we so afraid of what hasn’t even started happening? Where are the true levers of power, and how do we find them fast enough to stop the impending doom? How are we so sure that Trump will be so bad, and what are the ways to communicate this without political bias? And how can both “other” sides always be so stupid, misguided, and willing to throw it all down the drain?
  9. Feminine Leadership: Making room for women’s voices to shape the conversations, and how we Men can step out of everyone’s way, including our own.
  10. Life as Ceremony: Living a sacred way that doesn’t require any special book, religious service, dogmatic belief, or magical thinking. Why is ceremony important? How can we claim our spiritual inheritance? And why is it so scary to talk about how much we love God, each other, and our lives?

This is just a simple sampling of the thoughts rolling through my head that I hope you’ll join me to unpack and uncover. I invite you to disagree. Be poignant in your critiques and essays. Don’t hold back, but be respectful and sincere.

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