Imaginal Being

The metamorphosis that births the butterfly, eats the caterpillar alive. At the center of this phenomena, after the cocoon is cast, the caterpillar’s body begins to decay, but not die. As its prior form begins to dissolve, a deeper intelligence awakens in the cellular community of the caterpillar organism, and a neural network known as the “imaginal cells” comes online and begins organizing themselves into pockets of transformative activity.

As they crystallize into informational networks of potential, they begin reprogramming the dying cells of the caterpillar so that instead of decaying, they begin metabolizing the nutrient content of the cellular structure of the caterpillar and constructing the inner and outer workings of a butterfly.

If the human species is in fact a mass collective consciousness, and if in fact we have been born into an era of great change and transformation, and if it is true that the recent quagmire of chaos that seems to be gripping the world is simply a contraction of the birthing pains of the new world that is arising, then we – my friends – are the Imaginal Beings that are weaving the latticework of humanity that will scaffold the emergence of the new compassionate human.

True solutions are grounded in compassion. As we understand and love the situation of the other, we soften to whatever is being asked of us to make room for their highest good. But when we allow our hearts to grow rigid and only love our predetermined preferences, not only do we miss opportunities to be compassionate and loving, but we enable cultural norms of exclusion, negation, and criticism to outweigh understanding, harmony, and interdependence of the natural order of things.

In college I transformed through various stages of activism and engagement beginning as a radical pro-peace activist after 9/11/01, transitioning to a sustainability champion and shaping statewide university energy policy, to student-body president of an $11M non-profit that operated major parts of the student services infrastructure and held significant policy and social influence over the university and community relations.

This metamorphosis of my being, was an Imaginal Awakening in itself on an individual level, and while some of the impacts certainly had large collective ripple effects in the industry, institution, and environment – the internal self-scape of my being didn’t fully integrate the collective intelligence necessary to maintain that w”arrior of light” type motivation that kept me going through college.

As my focus shifted to building my career and a long-term relationship, it became more and more challenging to stay involved with social issues and political movements.  So after roughly ten years of sitting on the sidelines, I’m launching to begin creating an impact once again. In some regards, this last decade has been a slow growing cocoon of hibernation and metamorphosis within my own life, so it feels appropriate to glimpse this story within the framework of a butterfly’s Imaginal creation story.

This blog is the first remnants of the cocoon hatching. Seamwalker is the tender first contact of this new being that is emerging with the outside world. At the heart of Seamwalker is a desire to discover common priorities that bridge many of the gaps between political and social preferences, and to build actionable steps and collective strategies that can truly begin shifting parts of our world and our lives to be in deeper harmony with Mother Earth.

This project is an open invitation for commentaries and proposals on critical issues in our world, and I’m going to work my heart out behind the scenes to steward the process so that meaningful outcomes emerge as tools to transform our communities.

Seamwalker strives to be a seed crystal for our future policies and legislation. A place where we cultivate compassion for our differences, soften our oppositions through deeper understanding, and fine common threads where we can focus on strengthening the stitches of the seams that separate us.

We can become more unified in our collective passion to support what is most good for all of us, and find sensible ways to transition away from the things that do us most harm. As we strengthen the bonds between us, we de-emphasize the differences that separate us, and begin to act as a common fabric, woven together so that we may hammock the immensity of the transformational time in which we have been born.

This is not about being color blind, holding hands, and moving forward together. This is about speaking our hearts, bearing witness to each other, and staying present through all the messy discomfort and awkward negotiations between the parts that want to scream, the parts that want to win, the parts that want to give up and leave, and the parts that really just want to be loved and for everyone to be happy.

Bearing witness to our pain lights up transformative potential within our being. When we can stay present to our experience, the discomfort or ecstasy that we feel, and not get lost wandering into a storyline about what it means, why it’s happening, or what we’re going to do to fix it or to leverage it – when we can just be with it, then we open our body-mind to a deeper potential for actually transforming who we are as people.

By being committed to our collective awareness of these transformational moments as they arise, however insignificant or profound, we are tuning up our bodies to stay present with the possibilities for change. When we’re in a disagreement, we’ll start looking for the moment where we soften and choose to listen. When we listen deeper we begin to understand and cultivate compassion. And when we live from compassion we start wanting to help in any way that we can.

Also I believe we can weave new seams between our waking lives and the worlds that co-exist beyond – both beyond our intellectual understanding, and beyond our 3D human incarnated being. Seamwalking strengthens the neurological receptors that are the dataports to our higher self and our wisdom guides, as well as the tendrils of cognitive capacity that define our opinions and understandings.

Insodoing we create new pathways for the collective mind to embody as we learn to treat the world as a gift to our children. Let’s weave a hammock of these seams, that is resilient enough to hold the most powerful and passionate feelings and expressions that lie within our bodies.  Let’s choose not to hold back, and let the only rule be that we keep weaving.

When we weave we do so responsibly, aware of our expressions, in full accountability, not disparaging individuals or ideas, and when challenged we choose to stay present and understand the differences before we retreat to our intellectual defenses.

I can feel it happening already. The cocoon is weaving itself and metamorphosizing and breaking open all at once. Let us allow our Imaginal Beings rise to the surface, and redefine our relation to the world.

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