Between the Seams

There’s a feeling that arises in my belly, chest, and throat, when I have an insight that is important for me to act upon. It’s an instinctual call to awaken to the awareness of embodied wisdom which is now revealing itself to life through my body.

The wisdom unfolds naturally in the moment, however my level of attunement determines how fully the download is integrated into into my life going forward. These moments are seams between my 3D waking life situation, and the unseen realms beyond this witnessed world.

Seams represent areas of separation in the way that we understand the world. There is a seam between a progressive person and a conservative person in the way they see the world. And within that larger seam there are micro seams between the various policy areas that define the values of each side’s political world view.

So we have socially liberal fiscally conservative republicans and progressive socialist democrats that agree on abortion, civil rights, and foreign policy, yet tend to bump heads on tax policy, trade policy, and military intervention – or the other way around. Essentially these various preferences of socioeconomic policy have defined various group identities that I believe are detrimental to our future as a common race of beings.

To me, these paradigms are different textures of the fabric of life, and I believe it is important to define the specific seams between them and find ways to build mutual understanding and respect between them.

I see myself as a Seamwalker – a person that consciously weaves a new way between the worlds, and I’ve created this blog to share this inspiration, and hopefully be a palette and canvas for an artful process of establishing humanity in our communities from the core of our being to the heart of our institutions.

Being a Seamwalker is being able to stand on opposing sides of a single situation, and rest in the plurality of multiple truths. It is seeing opportunities in the arising of differences to create bonding opportunities so that even if agreement or mutuality is not attained, that at least a deeper respect and understanding is present for each side as they go on with their lives.

I believe that these transformational moments where we gain new insights into the world, provide clues for our body to recognize opportunities for growth. Progress in our growth and development doesn’t always feel good. Much of the time it emerges from disappointment, despair, and frustration – but it is so hard to stay present in those difficult times for what is really happening under the surface.

My dream is that this blog will help me and others explore what it means to truly honor and understand wildly divergent viewpoints and perspectives. This blog is in service of cultivating a deeper capacity to stay present through the emotions of conflict and frustration, to learn how to not give up in the pursuit of understanding and the painful process of being understood along the way, and to steward the tender parts of ourselves that want to get angry, name-call, and judge because it’s sometimes easier to tell ourselves stories about an inferior way of being than it is to face our own internal shadows and conflicts in our own being.

When we respect our unique differences and honor individuals with opposing views in the aftermath of confrontations about our disagreements, each exchange becomes a knot in the weave. In this way, our commitment to rest inside the discomfort of disagreement and misunderstandings becomes the strength of the collective fabric of life that binds us together and supports our collective growth and evolution, all the while all we have to do is to keep weaving.

And this blog is not just about conflict, though it is fertile ground for constructive criticism. It is primarily a sandbox for exploring positions, proposals, policies, and practices that we can adopt, advocate, and implement in our lives, communities, and workplaces to create happier lives, and to be more effective and impactful in the world throughout the course of our daily lives.

This world is founded on deeply rooted illusions, which have become unconscious assumptions about how the world works, and the way it should be. There are wildly brilliant humans fighting to the bitter end to defend incomplete understandings about what the world really needs from our communities, cultures, institutions, and politics.

Seamwalker is a forum for these diverging views to seek understanding of the other, as well as ourselves, so that we can create mutually supported pathways for the spirit of our communities, the policies of our institutions, and the values of our cultures to coexist harmoniously in a thriving world.

I don’t claim to have any of the answers, but I have a lot of interesting ideas and I know that if you’ve read this far already, that you and I have at least this much in common. I want Seamwalker to host critical dialogues between well reasoned opposing viewpoints to identify areas of mutual trust and understanding.  From there it is more possible to isolate the central tenets of conflict that underlies the opposition, and to begin mending the wounds of misunderstanding between the different opinions.

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